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Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the GRLC GANG!

Please note: This guide assumes that you already have basic knowledge of what Garlicoin is and have a wallet set up. If you do not have a wallet or have never mined before, please start here.

1. Create an account

  • Register here, or login if you already have account

2. Create a worker for each rig that you will mine from

  • Our pool will show detailed info for each of your workers
  • You will use a worker name & password to configure your miner(s) rather than using your Garlicoin address
  • You can configure email & push notifications in the event that one of your rigs goes down

3. Configure your miner

  • If you do not yet have a miner, please download one here
  • The pool stratum address is stratum+tcp://grlcgang.com:3333
  • You must use username.workername as your username and workerpassword as the password

For example, if you are using ccminer on windows, your batch file may look like this:

ccminer-x64.exe --algo=allium -i 20 -o stratum+tcp://grlcgang.com:3333 -u username.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword --max-temp=85

If you are unsure where to put this code, please have a look at the general mining guides for your OS & hardware on Garlic Recipes or Join our Discord, where we'll be happy to assist you!

4. Set your payout address & prefrences on your Account page

  • Enter the Garlicoin address you'd like to be paid at into your account settings
  • You can specify an optional payment threshold (and other settings) from this page as well
  • We recommend using a payment threshold of at least 0.5 GRLC. While low hashrates may take awhile to earn this much, it will cut down on the transaction inputs that your wallet has to deal with and improve usability