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Welcome to GRLC GANG 2.0

We've been expecting you.

Why Mine With The Gang?

✔ 99.9% Up-time
✔ No Fee (0%)
✔ Per-Worker Stats, Monitoring & Notifications
✔ Custom Payout Thresholds
✔ Bonus GRLC Randomly Sent To All Miners
✔ Awesome Community
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Quick Stats

Total Active Workers 5
Total Hash 206.8 MH/s
Efficiency 100.00%
Total Valid Blocks 200,665
Est. Time per Block 1 minute 47 seconds
Time Since Last 1 minute 4 seconds
Last Block Finder jackts
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Donation Address GRLCGANGEdTfKcx98Vw3BXyMK3YncbnhKm

Latest Gang Updates
We now have no fees!
posted 07/20/2018 15:30:40 by Secretrecipe

After careful consideration we've decided to remove the fees. Fees are now 0% so you can get all that sweet GRLC you've been dreaming about. If you are still interested in helping out we have a donation % feature that you can find in your account settings. Thanks guys! <3

We are now live!
posted 05/11/2018 22:18:22 by Secretrecipe

Well we've done it guys. After many many hours, Our dev-team of about six has completed the mission. GRLC GANG 2.0 is now a thing. We are keeping the old server up for a "little bit" to give everyone enough time to trickle over. We will be shutting down the old server relatively soon and we hope everyone will get moved over in time. Thank you everyone who has been patient during this launch, we hope everyone continues to have a great time in the community and we hope you enjoy all that our new setup has to offer.

If you have any questions contact us in discord. 

Thank you.
-Sincerely, GRLC GANG Dev Team.